Dr. Halima Husić

Halima.Husic@rub.de +49 234 32-25117

GA 2/141

Halima Husić is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Linguistic Data Science Lab. She obtained her Ph.D. from Ruhr-University where she also received her Bachelor's (2011) and Master's degree (2013) in Computational Linguistics. She has been employed at the Chair for Computational and Theoretical Linguistics since 2013 where she worked on various projects as a research associate.


In 2010, I started working at the Chair for Computational and Theoretical Linguistics as a student assistant where I investigated the syntactic attachments of PPs in the PNC project lead by Prof. Tibor Kiss. PP-attachment in German appears to be the most prominent case for structural ambiguity which is why parsing techniques often fail to provide a correct syntactic structure for this issue. Since 2014, I am a member of the AFM project, where I collaborate on the development and distribution of the Bochum English Countability Lexicon with Prof. Tibor Kiss, Prof. Francis Jeffry Pelletier and Johanna Marie Poppek.
For my Ph.D. thesis, I studied the countability distinctions among abstract nouns and provided an empirical investigation by means of Annotation Mining and corpus studies. Based on the generalizations drawn from this, I offered a theoretical analysis for the lexical semantics of a subset of abstract nouns, i.e. eventuality denoting nominals.
Besides, I am interested in cross-linguistics issues related to the syntax-semantics interface such as case alternation, definiteness and polysemy of PPs.

Formal Semantics
Lexical Ambiguity
Abstract Nouns


Past semesters

WS 21/22

  • AC: Topics in Compositional Semantics

SS 20

  • PS: Formale Semantik von verbalen und nominalen Ereignissen (Di 10-12)

WS 19/20

  • PS: Formale Modelle der Zählbarkeit (Mi 14-16)

SS 19

  • Between Polysemy and Meanings Shifts

WS 18/19

  • Abstract Nouns

SS 18

  • Einführung in die Nominalsemantik

WS 17/18

  • Symbolische und statistische Verfahren in der Computerlinguistik (mit Johanna Poppek)

SS 17

  • Sortenpotential deverbaler Nominalisierungen

SS 15

  • Grundkurs Syntax


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